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Katie O'Donoghue

Katie O'Donoghue was an amazing Traveller woman who until her death in 2020 was a rock of wisdom and support to the two Traveller organisations here in Cork. As part of Cork Traveller Pride in 2019, Cork Traveller Women's Network held a special event to honour Katie and her activism over many decades. Network members shared the following about Katie at the event: 

"Everyone in this room knows Katie well, she is so highly thought of by everyone. Katie is a community leader and activist. She is a founder member of the Cork Traveller Women's Network, from 21 years ago and is still involved to this day. She was one of the first wave of Traveller activists in Cork to start campaigning for better facilities on halting sites in the 1970s.  Katie has always been very proud of her culture as a Traveller woman. Katie was awarded a national Traveller Pride award in 2010. Katie always encourages younger women to get involved in working for Traveller rights.”
"Katie's personality lights up a room. She is very wise.  When I talk to her, I always come away feeling better about myself."
"Katie loves being a Traveller and is so proud of our culture. She has often said that she wants to help other Travellers’ feel proud and for no one to deny who they are.”

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