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Nano Nagle Place 

Nano Nagle Place, Evergreen Street, T12 XPX8


Nano Nagle Place is a city-centre home to many things including a museum, gardens, community hub, café and shops. It is named after Nano Nagle (1718-84), a brave and visionary Cork woman who gave up a comfortable life to help poor children in the city.

Born Honora Nagle in 1718, ‘Nano’ was her nickname. She opened schools for poor children and helped them and their families to improve their lives. She founded a new Catholic order, the Presentation Sisters, in 1775 to help her with her work. After Nano’s death in 1784, the order grew. Today Presentation Sisters work across five continents. 

Nuns from the order continue to live and work at Nano Nagle Place. They try to stay true to Nano’s ideas about justice, caring and the importance of education. The community projects at Nano Nagle Place, including The Lantern, Cork Migrant Centre and the Men’s Group, are all inspired by Nano’s ideas. 

You can visit the museum at Nano Nagle Place. It tells the story of Nano, her life and the growth of the Presentation Sisters order, The museum has recently won an important European prize, the Council of Europe Museum Prize. 

As a radical, powerful woman Nano Nagle can be an inspiration to us all.

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