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#AskConsent Banners

Sexual Violence Centre Cork's #Ask Consent campaign opened and seeks to keep open dialogue around consent, initially with students in 2019 and wider Cork communities, both during and after Fresher’s week. The campaign is a collaboration with Student Union’s at UCC and CIT, Cork City Council and the traders in Oliver Plunkett St.  In 2019 students were invited to ‘consent tea parties’ to discuss ‘consent and healthy boundaries’ and local traders and businesses ‘demonstrated that Cork was a City of Consent by hanging #ASKCONSENT bunting down the prominent Oliver Plunkett Street and on adjacent street bollards.’ 

The feminist walk takes us down Oliver Plunkett Street to Mary Elmes Bridge and we stop to look at the banners as a reminder of the importance of consent in our relationships, and the law addressing the offence of coercive and controlling behaviour, enshrined in the 2018 Domestic Violence Act. 

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